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Poet's Country is a literary enterprise that arose out of an inter-institutional poetry reading series called the Poet's Country Club that ran throughout NYC to foster relations between students on MFA Creative Writing programs in colleges throughout the city.

The Poet's Country Club provides a crossover platform for students of writing to share their work as up-and-coming writers with the general public.

In 2016, a Kickstarter campaign allowed us to raise nearly $3,000 to transform this poetry reading series into a biannual, variating format literary journal of emerging and established voices in contemporary intellectual culture. As a journal, Poet's Country will run for 100 biannual issues, taking us on a 50 year publishing adventure from 2017 to 2067, starting with print and moving into performance, and installation-based "issues" of the journal in the years to come.

Poet's Country has been featured on Huffington Post, LitHub, Medium and The New School Writing Blog

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