The Bureau of Imaginative Proposals:
A One Day Working Group For Poetics and Politics.

The Bureau of Imaginative Proposals was a one-day conference for creative and critical writing themed on the question of the polis and what it means to speak the form that articulation takes when the subject of articulation is the city. Styled as a ‘working group’ in which a plurality of proposals and imaginative suggestions can be accommodated, participants from all academic levels were invited to contribute to a discussion centered around the lyric and the polis. Delegates were invited to discuss how and why to speak with or against agencies of authority and how to approach textualized voices in contemporary and globalized societies.

A collaboration between New York University, Columbia and The New School, this conference sought to give enthusiasts for poetics and the political an opportunity to share their ideas and consolidate desirable skills sought in professional artists and writers. It supports a network of young and/or emerging practitioners who can rigorously cultivate and analyze relations between writers across geographical, generational and genre-based boundaries.

Keynote speakers included Jeffrey Schultz, Juliana Spahr, Randall Horton, Leif Weatherby and Haris Durani.
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The Toilet X Ark Books - The Broken Telephone

The broken telephone is a curious celebration of poetry, translation and the internet. Google Translate allows us to access every corner of the internet, and translation allows us to access all the literature we'd have bypassed otherwise.
To explore the beauty of what is found in translation - the attempted literal one done by the machine, and the literary done by the translator/poet, we've run the same poem through Google Translate a number of times. This "broken" text has then been delivered to a poet working in that language, who has never seen the original. They've been told to do whatever they want.

Go piss and explore what's found in translation.

ark books (møllegade 10, 2200, DK) is an international, non-profit, volunteer-run bookshop in Møllegade, Nørrebro. It opened for business in April 2014 following a crowdfunding-campaign. ark books is dedicated to bringing you the stories you didn't know you needed - if it's not in a book, maybe you can find it in our audio book club or one of our many events. Come say hi! Our coffee may be shit, but it's free.

Participating poets:

Jane Flett Sam O'Hana Minerva Pietilä Anne Mari Borchert
Noa Kjærsgaard Hansen Taras Malkovych & Google Translate
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Vox 2014

The UK’s first undergraduate conference for creative writing students, School of English, University of Kent, 3rd June 2014. Keynote speakers included Anna Percy, Sam Riviere and Kate Duckney.

Conference Blog with Live Reporting
News Article, Inquire Live Media
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A one-day conference for undergraduates on the subject of the arts and the metropolis, May 2013, Hong Kong University.

Conference Blog Page
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