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23:36 March 12th 2019

"Apparatus for Breathing Dephlogisticated Air", Wellcome Trust

22:45 March 6th 2019

First entry into a blog post that I’ve made myself. Feel that knowing how to use HTML and other languages is a useful skill for a writer. Like Ted Berrigan who had an entire Xerox machine in his apartment, at a time when they could approach the size of a small automobile. However that injunction to adapt to new technés is a warning; some poets did fall by the wayside by working too much on the structure that surrounded their work, rather than the work itself and while I feel like I am literally weaving myself into the internet here, I do notice how it has distracted me from questions of technique, style and form. Nonetheless, I consider this a triumph.

Ted Berrigan at the 1982 Jack Kerouac Conference. Photo Mark Christal.